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My expertise is managing projects from strategic inception to successful introduction. I have background and experience working with senior executives and executive boards on strategic initiatives, as well as architects, business analysts and developers on successful implementation, development and deployment.

Over the last decade I've had the opportunity to manage enterprise level software projects end-to-end, from UI/UX, front-end to backend. Projects that were user-facing UI/UX, front-end for both the and websites, as well as projects that encompassed gateways, middleware (SOA and APIs) and backend applications for Perot Systems/Dell, AT&T and MetroPCS/T-Mobile. These projects, developed collaboratively through both Waterfall and Agile methodologies, required us to meet strict milestones and release dates, and within cost guidelines established by stakeholders.

I've been in the digital space for better than a decade and in the technology arena even longer. My digital experience spans from consumer to enterprise, from front-end UI/UX to backend functionality. I understand the metrics and have managed eCommerce strategies from development through deployment, end-to-end; from customer-facing UI/UX to the downstream SOA layers and APIs. I'm an iOS developer and publisher on Apple iTunes and Google Play platforms. My magazine is just one way I keep up with the ever changing website and online eCommerce landscape.

I believe my commitment to best practices, passion for knowledge and intellectual capital set me apart.

My goal is to build a sustaining competitive advantage for your business.

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